Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Author Julie Carobini: Holy Guacamole by Dan & Denise Harmer

Author Julie Carobini: Holy Guacamole by Dan & Denise Harmer

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

His Darling, A short, sweet romance for a great weekend read

Here’s a terrific short read to take along while waiting for the kids, or whenever you’re stuck inside when the weather turns!

Travel to the small town of Almendra, California and find out why Misty's returned to live with her grandmother Nona, a former film star. Will the rugged handyman/musician grab Misty's heart or is she done with love?. This is the perfect sweet, short romance to download on Friday night and finish over the weekend. Or take along while you wait for the kids' music or sports lessons. I read it at the breakfast table and finished it while soaking in my tub and loved every minute. Ludwig's turns of phrase, descriptions and characters make this a can't-put-down-page turner.

Look for other great novels from this talented author, Ashley Ludwig's got great story, set in interesting places.

Available for Kindle and PDF download from Amazon or direct from the publisher:

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Listen... to describe

Be hearers of the world. This is a link to a streaming download that plays nature sounds and occasionally describes what you're hearing. Good to work on those listening skills.

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Monday, August 4, 2008


This is a terrific in-depth article on publishers-on-demand. Thanks to the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the National Writers Union for posting it to the web.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Advice from Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson of Wordserve Literary Agency describes the extra mile he recommends for pre-published novelists.

Join a critique group, listen and apply other's input.
Attend conferences and pitch your idea.
Attend workshops.

The next are tougher, but he knows the game:
Exchange your completed manuscript with as many as ten people (not all have to be writers, but should be interested in fiction and able to give constructive feedback).
Hire a content and copy editor ($).

More detailed advice:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Character Study for fiction writers

Here is a comprehensive chart to use when creating a character's profile.

CHARACTER CHART: based on Colleen Reece, Writer’s Digest 11/81

Followed by a list by Randy Ingermanson

1. Name –

2. Age and time period –

3. Birthdate, birthplace –

4. Height and build –

5. Color of hair–

6. Of eyes

7. Places lived and reasons –

8. Scars or handicaps (physical, mental, emotional)

9. Educational background

10. Work experience

11. Basic nature, sense of humor –

12. Best friend –

13. Men/women friends

14. Enemies/antagonists and why –

15. Social class –

16. Parents –

17. Siblings –

18. Children –

19. Ambitions & goals –

20. Religious beliefs, philosophy of life, values

21. Attitude toward death –

22. Hobbies –

23. Music, art, reading preferred –

24. Dress, favorite colors –

25. Description of home (physical, emotional, atmosphere) –

26. What does she have in purse; what does he have in pocket or glove compartment

27. Present problem–

28. How will it get worse?

29. How will he/she change, learn, or grow?

30. Strongest character trait –

31. Weakest character trait –

32. Sees self as

33. What do they like/dislike about themselves?

34. As seen by others –

35. One-line characterization

36. Props

addendum from Randy Ingermanson’s snowflake fractal

For each major character, take an hour and write a one-page summary sheet:

a) name

b) 1-sentence summary of character’s storyline

c) character’s motivation (what does he/she want abstractly?)

d) character’s goal (what does he/she want concretely?)

e) character’s conflict (what prevents him/her from reaching the goal?)

f) character’s epiphany (what will he/she learn, how will he/she change?)

g) 1-paragraph summary of character’s story line

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